Note: Specs herein are in relation to our currently supported software versions (v10 and v11), earlier versions of Synergy are no longer supported and may require upgrading to receive assistance. Older versions may have trouble operating on Windows 8 or above.

For Synergy V10 and above we recommend the following specifications as a minimum:

Operating System*: Windows 10 (excluding lite versions of Windows such as Basic, Home and POSReady).
Available Hard Disk Space: 6GB
Processor Speed: 2.1Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo or greater
Resolution: Minimum 1280 x 1024


Operating Systems

Only Microsoft Windows-based operating systems are supported; Windows 10 or higher (earlier operating systems, along with 'basic', 'home' and  'server' operating systems are not supported). 

Synergy has been successfully installed on Windows Server 2008 & 2012 in some instances; however, additional technical consultation may be required for such systems due to the highly flexible nature of their configuration and permissions. As above, Windows Server operating systems are not supported and we cannot guarantee stability or compatibility of the software in such environments. For more insight please see: [Synergy] SMB2 / Synergy Foxpro Data Conflicts 'File Not Found'

For Synergy POSLink/PumpLink v10 and above we recommend Windows 10; however if you are running PumpLink and upgrading to Windows 10, you will need to be running either an Embedded Enabler (all-in-one) pump controller or possibly have your enabler hardware upgraded and order an Enabler v4.x software upgrade.

Windows XP has known issues with display and operation of POSLink touchscreen controls. 



We have had no reports of specific printers not working with Synergy; however it is not possible to guarantee compatibility with all printers as we simply cannot test them all.



Synergy is only supported on wired / ethernet networks, wireless networks are not supported.


Additional Software

  • For opening documents exported from Synergy in Excel or CSV format, you may need Microsoft Excel. 
  • To open pdf documents exported from Synergy you should download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Known Incompatibilities

There are known incompatibilities with certain language packs that can be installed into Windows, including but not limited to the Korean Language Pack, this can cause errors/crashing when printing certain transactions/reports.